Distance Learning University Degree – The Advantages and Disadvantages

Like a degree from a campus based university, a distance learning university degree is one way of improving your career and financial prospects.

Distance learning (or distance education) is just a different way of delivering an education to students. Correspondence courses and online distance learning university degrees have become the two most popular forms of distance education.

Degrees especially, offer tremendous advantages to people looking to get higher education. When you consider that almost 70 million adults in the current workforce between the ages of 25 and 64 do not have post secondary credentials then getting a a degree could open up major doors.


So why get an online distance learning degree as opposed to a campus-based one? First off, learning online is a lot more convenient. In many cases, wherever you have an internet connection, you can log on a take your “classes”.

Even if the instructor gave the class 10 hours before, the information is on line and available for review at any time. So if you are working at home or at the office or even traveling, you won’t miss the “classes”.

Some classes may require you logging online at a specific time but at least you won’t have to spend time and money commuting to school.

Some more advantages are:

a. If you prefer to express yourself in writing rather than verbally, you may find doing a distance learning university degree program more suited to you

b. Classes typically centered and focused on student responses and virtual discussion rather than instructor-led lectures.


Of course, there are draw backs to doing a distance education degree such as:

c. You must be highly disciplined and self-motivated to study at your own convenience.

d. Learning online could cause you to feel detached and give you a sense that you are missing out on a true campus experience.


Millions of people every year do distance education degrees and many of them are on course to experiencing a career boost. This doesn’t mean that you should enroll with an online university.

You need to weigh the pros and cons first and then decide if that is the route you want to take.

Another thing you need to bear in mind is if your distance education university is accredited or not. A lot of dishonest people are setting up scam schools and selling fake degrees online.

Such bogus schools are not accredited by the appropriate bodies. Not only would you be wasting your money buying a qualification from them but employers won’t accept that qualification. Not to mention, employers might also view you as dishonest for having a bogus qualification.

There are signs that you can look out for that can help you avoid bogus distance learning university degree programs.

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